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What is it that feeds your soul? For me, spending time playing in nature, let me take you to the perfect place to reflect on your communication with your body, mind and spirit and help you open up to wholeness and grace. In the stillness of now familiar paths of ancient giants, I lead groups to intimately connect with their bodies. My intimate knowledge of this forest, allows me to guide participants to feel more peaceful and connected, more grounded and settled. Immersed in a practice of presence will led to a magical unfolding hidden in plain sight. I will help you notice the abundance of energy and life in the forest and how this practice can lead to peace and healing of the body.

A passion for nature and to inspire a collective response-ability to care for the land, led me to take Sustainable Community Development and a Masters in liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University. My curiosity led me to take courses that deepened my understanding of the crisis we face, and to co-create a radio program that speaks to the importance of attending to our collective responsibility of respectful coexistence. I am inviting you to journey into solitude and peaceful awareness.

Health Benefits of Forest Bathing  Health Benefits 

Meet new people, make a great memory and take with you the valuable art of forest bathing that will have long term positive impacts on the quality of your life.

Forest Bathing at Mundy Park (Spa)

I will meet up with guests at Mundy Park , Coquitlam (Hillcrest and Foster Ave Entrance) , then proceed with an orientation and the Forest Bathing Tour. Forest bathing is an ancient practice with scientifically proven health benefits, most notably it decreases the risk of heart attack, reduces blood pressure , stress and pulse rate and many other health benefits. I will guide people for two hours of Forest Bathing in the forest at Mundy Park.  Come join us for a magical time forest bathing at Coquitlam's biggest park, as a temperate rainforest, the Park’s mix of deciduous woodland and coniferous forest trees play a central role in the park ecosystem. The tree habitat supports many bird, insect and mammal species, such as owls and butterflies.

Afterwards you can join me at the Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex as I provide a day pass so stay as long as you want, here you can enjoy steam/dry sauna, whirlpool, pool and gym. Pamper your mind and body

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Ancient Forest , Waterfalls and Stunning Vistas Day Trip

Come spend time playing in nature with me, let me take you to the perfect places to reflect on your communication with your body, mind and spirit. I will pick you up in Vancouver and head over to Lighthouse Park where we will go Forest Bathing among the old growth ancient giants(70 m tall Douglas firs and western red cedars) . My intimate knowledge of this forest, allows me to guide participants to feel more peaceful and connected, more grounded and settled.

After that we take a short detour to Whytecliff park, from this corner of Howe Sound we can view the rocky coastline in one of the first marine protected areas in Canada.

Then of to scenic to Porteau Cover Provincial park for a healthy packed lunch.

After lunch and some beach-combing we will continue our journey to Squamish for a coffee or tea at Caffe Garibaldi and a visit to the majestic Shannon Falls. Shannon Falls rises  335 metres above Highways 99, making it the third highest falls in the province.

After our coffee break we will venture over to Brackendale home to North America's largest concentration of wintering bald eagles. Then we head back to Lonsdale Quay public market for some free time (shopping, sightseeing) before crossing the inlet on the Seabus.

We provide transit , activities and a packed lunch and memories to last a lifetime.

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The Reviews

This is a nature walk to allow you to enjoy Canadian spirit and sync yourself with nature

Usa St Catherines, Ont

A good way to see the area with a knowledgeable host. Stuart will customize and has a great knowledge of the parks and history. even in the rain it was great.

Nathan Newfane, NY

Stuart gave my family and I a great day! He was thoughtful, made little customizations to accommodate us, had great primary and add on locations along the way, knew a lot about the forest, great conversationalist and very safe driver!

David Orange Country, CA

If you’re looking for a great place to get away and drown the noise inside your head and anxiety you feel, I recommend taking this tour! Stuart and his wife Sylvia were amazing. Not only could I breathe physically, but mentally as well. It was beautiful. The knowledge and history shared by Stuart and Sylvia was beautiful and insightful. I highly recommend, even if it’s for a once in a lifetime thing, or if you’d love to immerse yourself into nature!

Nikki Oceanside, CA