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This is a nature walk to allow you to enjoy Canadian spirit and sync yourself with nature

Usa St Catherines, Ont

A good way to see the area with a knowledgeable host. Stuart will customize and has a great knowledge of the parks and history. even in the rain it was great.

Nathan Newfane, NY

Stuart gave my family and I a great day! He was thoughtful, made little customizations to accommodate us, had great primary and add on locations along the way, knew a lot about the forest, great conversationalist and very safe driver!

David Orange Country, CA

If you’re looking for a great place to get away and drown the noise inside your head and anxiety you feel, I recommend taking this tour! Stuart and his wife Sylvia were amazing. Not only could I breathe physically, but mentally as well. It was beautiful. The knowledge and history shared by Stuart and Sylvia was beautiful and insightful. I highly recommend, even if it’s for a once in a lifetime thing, or if you’d love to immerse yourself into nature!

Nikki Oceanside, CA

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Stuart Richardson

I have always been an advocate, I have found my passion in independent media amplifying and creating spaces where voices can be heard and imagination can be acted upon by building communities of interest. My background is in communications and Sustainable Community Development which interplays nicely with my media work. I  completed an MA in Liberal studies which challenged me to look at social change in a more nuanced way, what are the best ways we can contribute to heal a broken divided world.

Investigating how our current ideas and beliefs are heavily influenced   by past events caused me to think about the power of memory, of our ability to Remember to Remember. This process caused my own introspection which is why I started Eco-Awakening, I want to create embodied experiences and encounters with nature so we can recover a sense of self awareness and a sacred honouring of  place. My hope is that we come to know we are a single whole with each other and nature, when we hurt nature we hurt ourselves.

Sylvia Richardson

Life is a path to Life. –Artist, Ernesto Pujol

We learn what we care about. I care about connection; having felt the pain of displacement from the people and places I love, connection is what matter most to me. My teaching like the forests of my life, is coloured by many languages of academic knowing,  I am also opened, to the artful ways we co-create with life, even in the most hostile circumstances. Life always finds a way.

Walking alone and with others is a practice of grounding. To feel connected to Earth, is to be rooted to wholeness. I teach to create community engagement, to nurture curiosity, wonder, humility and flow. We teach who we are, my deepest desire is to create connection. My teaching flows from this one commitment. I mentor students to find what they are passionate about, to open communication with themselves, in search of their authentic voice, in awe of their passions to create with life. Learning how to live and coexist well is as important as learning to work well with others and learning how to make a living.


Conscious Landscapes Podcast

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