About Us

Welcome to Eco Awakening

Eco-Awakening is about creating embodied experiences and encounters with nature so we can recover a sense of self awareness and a sacred honouring of  place. My hope is that we come to know we are a single whole with each other and nature, when we hurt nature we hurt ourselves. Before we change anything in this world we must first feel something, experience the sacredness of place and our connection to it. Love and connection always win over fear and anger, we offer several ways to engage with our natural world. You can book a few hours with us and come Forest Bathing, come on a JOP Day trip or listen to our new podcast Conscious Landscapes.

JOP Tours

When you come on a JOP adventure with us you will undertake a unique embodied experience, you can be assured you will leave refreshed, renewed with a new perspective of place. You only have to focus on having a good time as we take care of transportation, food and adventures.
We cater to small intimate groups of 10 people or less so book soon to reserve your spot as space is very limited.
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Forest Bathing Tours

What is it that feeds your soul? For me, spending time playing in nature, let me take you to the perfect place to reflect on your communication with your body, mind and spirit and help you open up to wholeness and grace. In the stillness of now familiar paths of ancient giants, I lead groups to intimately connect with their bodies. My intimate knowledge of this forest, allows me to guide participants to feel more peaceful and connected, more grounded and settled. Immersed in a practice of presence will led to a magical unfolding hidden in plain sight. I will help you notice the abundance of energy and life in the forest and how this practice can lead to peace and healing of the body.

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Living Memory Projects - Testimony Art

Integrating visually stunning photography with audio layering the complexities of meaning.

What happens when you return and that place does not exist anymore and more importantly what happens when no one is left to tell  that unique story. The struggles and histories and defining moments that embed meaning into the place will disappear under the name of "progress" unless we fight to preserve that past which has such intrinsic value , do our children and grandchildren and generations that follow us have a right to that rich experience.

The Living Memory Project helps us rediscover the places and people that have shaped our lived environments.

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